→ Yesterday’s Dreams Weave the Ruins of Tomorrow’s Temples.

The exhibition at the 66P Subjective Cultural Institution has been inspired by the comic strip Opowieście aborcyjne (Abortion Stories), which was published in March this year and takes a look at real abortion herstories of Polish women.

full text :https://66p.pl/en/yesterdays-dreams-weave-the-ruins-of-tomorrows-temples-beata-rojek-sonia-sobiech

organizer : 66P Subjective Institute Of Culture
curator and author of the texts : Zofia Reznik
artists : Beata Rojek, Sonia Sobiech
production : 66P team
fot. Małgorzata Kujda

We Can (Bitches), mural, 2022
Berries, mural, 2022
Stay at Home, mural, 2022
Our Lady with Pills, mural, 2022
The reading room
The Handover of Rue, mural, 2022
The New Ages, mural, 2022
Circle, installation, 2022
Walking on Eggshells, performance + installation + video documentation, 2022
Ancestral Herstories, objects, 2022
Pronaos Pro Abo, installation, 2022
Walking on Eggshells, performance , detal
Walking on Eggshells, detal

Beata Rojek