→ He is dead, but he won’t lie down

Beata Rojek, He’s dead but he won’t lie down
Curator : Zoska Reznik

Opening : 7.03.2014, 7 pm.
Exhibition : 8.03- 23.03.2014

Tackling the feeling of an end, a void, meaninglessness, was until recently the leitmotif of Beata Rojek’s painting. In her show Now where were we ? she decided to provoke her viewers into asking fundamental questions about the sense of making art. Her boldness and candour brought about a major change – the doubts she threw out in the open seem to resonate in the decision to award her a special prize in the prestigious 11th Geppert Competition. And while this first success may bring the young graduate of the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts further recognition, it certainly does not invalidate the questions she asked in her moment of despair. These return in full force with the invitation to exhibit her works in Krakow, the city that is the spiritual home of the visual arts in Lower Silesia – for it was in Krakow that Eugeniusz Geppert, the founding father of the Wrocław Academy, her alma mater, studied, under Jacek Malczewski.
This pivotal moment, then, offers Rojek the opportunity to reach back to the most distant roots of her own work and redefine her covenant with a discipline that is imbued with a generational ethos. And in which colour is important above all else. (...)

Zośka Reznik

fot. Dominik Stanisławski

Beata Rojek