Beata Rojek the Dolphin + the Gang of Dolphins : Wojtek Furmaniak, Patrycja Mastej, Iza Moczarna-Pasiek, Kamil Radek, Zośka Reznik, Sonia Sobiech, Raúl Hott, Joulia Strauss, Lindsay Parkhowell, Małgorzata Goliszewska +a growing group of guests
Curator : Zofia Reznik the Dolphin
With Special support of : Joanna Stembalska, Dominika Drozdowska (Studio BWA Wrocław)

“Meerschmerz” is a condition of the sea-weariness, an experience of anxiety and dissatisfaction with the surrounding physical reality (from German : Meer – “sea”, Schmerz – “pain”). This term, coined as a direct reference to the German Romanticism and the urge for integration of spiritual and material aspects of the humans’ experience of the world, describes the psychoemotional condition of a group of dolphins living in the Mediterranean, who became the actors of Beata Rojek’s work.

The multimedia installation is the result of a collaborative effort of Beata Rojek and a group of her friends, forming together the Gang of Dolphins to establish a non-verbal, egalitarian polylogue (as a dialog of many). It derives from an utopian concept of an island, that would be a floating ‘biennale’ of art—a neutral space for creative exchange, moving from one shore to another and performing as a bridge over all humans’ divisions : geographical (3 continents), political (currently 23 countries), linguistic, cultural, religious and others. In opposition to a hierarchy, it was meant by the dolphins to be a holarchy –an evolving, self-organizing and open system, where every element is, at the same time, a part and a whole, enabling horizontal communication and free fluctuation of forms(...)

text : Z.Reznik

fot. K.Fabian & A.Kilean

chaneling_fin from Beata Rojek on Vimeo.

Beata Rojek