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“Abortion Tales” is a unique item on the Polish publishing scene. The comic book came into being based on conversations with 5 Polish women who anonymously shared their experiences of abortion with the authors.

However, this is no dry account or report. Fantasy characters, the order of dreams and symbols, are weaved into the mesh of true stories with poetic movement. The authors boldly integrate their personal sensitivities and imaginations creating an engaging, distinctive style of storytelling.

From painful loss to relief, from a feeling of support and safety to a stifling atmosphere of being hounded – these 5 stories show how wide the spectrum
of circumstances and emotions accompanying abortion is.
Free from judgement, the narration develops at its own rhythm, giving the heroes time and space to share their experiences in a strengthening and safe way, also inviting the reader to listen sensitively and attentively.

drawings : Beata Rojek

scenario : Beata Rojek & Sonia Sobiech

Beata Rojek