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Short history of „Fiasco”
We had an agreement that in about two weeks we will create a comic strip together. It had to have everything : pictures, dialogues, plot, cover and a title. We started with the plot : a transformation of the main character which should happen on the fourth page (but nobody stuck to it) ... The four stories about „transformation” and a „visit”. How shall we call it ?
At the beginning the name „fiasco” came up and almost everybody agreed it was the perfect title. Nobody expressed how they felt about it, or what they were tempted by. All the more everyone passed over in silence the ill-omened associations. Not to be provoked, not to let it become self-fulfilling prophecy. Just this notorius sound.
Though we had set that we would write four stories which had no plot, just formal borders, revolutions and holdups the title worked as a charm. Even if one doesn’t admit it, even if everyone rejects charm, it stays until somebody removes it. The exhibition opening at the end of that process is a necessary magic happy ending. This way embarrassing fiasco appeared on consecutive comic strips as a failure or personal ambitions, fruitless political and historical involvement in front of tv, a failure of relations and friendship or even life failure facing death (…)

- text and dialogues by M.Sibila

Beata Rojek