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"Przechera" is a story about a boy at the age of 12 or maybe 14. Along with his parents he lives in a small village in Lower Silesia. This is still, by far, the "age of innocence". Even though he is not particularly popular in the village, his cheeky attitude inspires respect among colleagues. Especially with older ones he feels very comfortable, playing more the role of a supervisor of their affairs rather than a friend.
Matthew’s mother is a "witch" who steals people’s belongings to use them in therapeutic sessions. Father is a mayor and a drunk, popular among locals. He wants to build an Opera which - with its miracles, music, librettos and divas - could replace the school, so that his son nor any other resident of the village had to be any longer a subject to an oppressive, mentally suffocating educational policy of the state.
We first meet Matthew during his lonely playtime outside the village, where he meets a Man Without a Head, who drags a cart full of drawers and cabinets...

scenario : M.Sibila / drowings : B.Rojek

Beata Rojek